3450 @ 7(0)

Festival Project


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3450 @ 7(0) is a community arts based project involving 7 year olds in Mount Alexander Shire, and selected 70 year old Shire residents.

A small team went into schools and the children were interviewed by the older people, and the older people were interviewed by the children, each asking each other the same set of three of pre-determined questions: Where are you from? Where are you going? And what do you want? The results were audio recorded or manually scribed and then developed into a sound piece and a text poster by an artist, with the help of the children.

The project is a collaborative and creative experience allowing the expression of the things that have meaning to us: strengthening community connections and giving means to celebrate the differences and similarities between young and old. The project was made possible by a Mount Alexander Shire Council Strengthening Our Community Grants Scheme.

Listen to the results here:
3450 @ 7(0)

Participating schools:
Winters Flat
Castlemaine North
Campbells Creek
St Mary’s
Suzanne Kalk
Maureen Cecilia Timson
Jen Duff
Lisa D’Onofrio
Rob Wallis
Ann de Hugard
Steve Proposch (Poster designer) and Richard Symon (Sound designer)